Technology should adjust to humans more.

Take a picture of beautiful flowers on the side of the street.Start up the app.
Write in comments. Upload it to social media.
Wouldn’t there be a new way of communicating if we change from current style that needs many steps to real-time and more seamless communication?
We re-evaluated the future of people and computing.
In 2013, we started developing a wearable device <Telepathy> with the vision of it becoming the standard in 10 years. We presented the non-glass type concept model that could easily blend into everyone’s daily life. We made countless prototypes with partner companies with the strong vision of a device. Our product model is finally complete.

Telepathy Jumper Share Experiences

This shape might be puzzling for you.
This design is the result of our pursuit for best usability.
An eyeglass shape wearable cannot be used for people who wear prescription glasses, inside factories and it has usage limitation depending on situations.
It comprises of three parts:
• Main body with clear optical display and camera, microphone, sensors
• Flexible fitting part
• Power unit
Look, hear, talk, record and learn the reality that is in front of your eyes with someone else.
Completely new type of communication device to “JOIN” your friends’ experience, that has never existed before.

Connecting people to people is now in the realm of telepathy

From “content sharing” social networks to “join people” Telepathy Jumper.
Share raw experiences, knowledge, thoughts and emotions with people around the world.
Traveler interested in bungee jumping can access Telepathy Jumper and can experience the thrill like they are with the jumpers.
Just like telepathy, it’s a start of a communication era where people are connected, beyond time and space as if you are physically next to each other.
For leisure, fashion, senior care, education, entertainment, on the field for many industries…
New use and service possibilities are limitless for Telepathy Jumper.

Ground Breaking “Around the Neck” Wearable

Telepathy Jumper is built on the basis of
“computer adjusting to humans”
not humans adjusting to computers.
Innovative wearable style to wear
the device around the neck.
Clip it onto your prescription glasses or
leave it around your neck to
carry it with you with ease.
Even under the outdoor direct natural sunlight
our images will be clear under
our original optical display.
Simple, intuitive, anyone can quickly use.

Unprecedented Function. Unprecedented Freedom

Telepathy Jumper’s Main Functions

  • Runs on Android OS. Possible to operate it similar to a smartphone with the Bluetooth control unit.
  • Consumer device will come with two pre-installed apps.
  • Share what you see and hear in real-time.
  • Information that’s relevant to the user, environment, and purpose can be shown in real time.
  • The design can be changed easily to adapt to the user or market because of the module design.

Eye Connect

App to share each other’s view with only one click

Talent Buzz

Co-creation platform to share knowledge and skills

Telepathy Jumper Product Specification

Telepathy Jumper Product Specification

Usage Environment

Possible to see clear images outside and under direct sunlight
It can be worn around the neck making it easy to wear and take off as well as being portable
Possible to use with eyeglasses

User Interface

Main body switch 6pcs
Input device Bluetooth remote control

Display Performance

Resolution qHD (960x540 pixels)
Color Full Color


Pixel size 5 megapixel
Auto Focus Yes




Memory 8GB
OS Android 4.2


Microphone 2 (includes noise cancelling function)


WiFi IEEE802.11bgn 2.4Ghz
Bluetooth Bluetooth4.0+EDR

I/O port

USB micro USB x1
Headphone terminal φ3.5mm x1



いよいよ2015年リリース。Telepathy Jumperビジネスプラン

Telepathy Jumperビジネスプラン



Telepathy Jumper is an open platform in the business of “uniting people.” What can you do with this device? What can you create? What can you change?
In order to make the new communication era more convenient, more fun and more vibrant, and to make Telepathy Jumper a better device, we are looking for software developers and developer forum partners who share our vision of Telepathy Jumper. Moreover, we will create unprecedented services and markets, by borderless collaboration with partners such as ICT industry and fashion brands. Also, we are looking for teammates to work with us in the world. Please contact us if you want to create the new business whether you are an engineer or a marketer.